Women Speakers

Women Speakers

MA in Gender Studies, Tbilisi State University. Research Interests: Sexuality Politics, Labor, Lesbian Feminism, Women's History.

Research Coordinator at the Center for the Study of Social Movements, Ilia State University; Research Interests: Soviet and Post-Soviet History and Politics; Georgian Political Elite; Social Movements; LGBTQ movements and activism in Georgia; Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian Dialogue.

Doctor of Philosophy in History, CEU, Budapest.

Host of the morning program at the Radio Liberty. Research Interests: New media, human rights, moder visual art, urban culture and subcultures.   

MA in Sociology, YSU. Interests: Contemporary Anarchist Studies, Postcolonial Feminism, Neo-iberal memory politics in post-soviet countries, Affect of resistance, Body Politics, Commons.

Policy Advocacy Program Officer, ''OxYGen''. Gender and nationalism, gender and conflict, women's participation in peace-building. 

Invited Lecturer, Institute for Gender Studies, Tbilisi State University. Research Interests: Time, Labor and Gender; Social Movements; Postcolonial and Decolonial Feminisms.

Since 2014 Nana holds a position of the visiting assistant research professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Master of Science in Gender, Development and Globalization, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Associated Professor at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). Research Interests:  Socialization of Gender, Gender in Education, Issues of Gender equality, minorities and diversity issues.

Visual artist, co-founder and member of the artists’ initiative ‘Public Space With A Roof’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

MA in Gender Studies (Central European University, 2009), PhD student at Tbilisi State University Sociology Programme.

PhD candidate at Ilia State University Interdisciplinary Program in Social and Humanitarian Sciences, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Art Historian. Position: Director of Art&Society.

PhD Candidate at the Free University Berlin, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Berlin, Germany; MA in Gender and Cultural Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

MA in Oriental Studies; MA in Development Studies. Research Interests: Development aid in Developing countries; Issues of Organizational development and sustainability in aid recipient countries.

Literary translator. Interests: Caucasian and Eastern European studies.

Master Degree in Public Administration - Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. Position: Director for Human Rights Legislative and Policy Initiatives at EWMI PROLoG.

Diplom Germanist, Leipzig University. Position: Cultural program coordinator, Goethe Institute Tbilisi.

Feminist painter and activist, who is dedicated to support human rights and women’s rights via her work.

film scholar, journalist. Woking Topics: freedom of media; human rights; religious and ethnic minorities; lgbt rights; women’s rights; socio-economically disadvantaged groups;  domestic policy.  

Director, Institute of Addictology, Ilia State University; Senior Program Manager, Foundation “Global Initiative on Psychiatry – Tbilisi”. Research Interests: Addictions studies, Psychotrauma: individual, family, community and societal trauma; Impact of Totalitarian past and Soviet repressions on the family members of repressed and contemporary socio-political life of Georgia.

PhD candidate in Political Science. Research Interests: Political-economy of development, institutional transformation in post-socialist region, informal economic practices, social movements, mobility and displacement.

MA in Gender Studies, BA of Economic Statistics. Research Interests: Women’s labor rights, gender based violence, economic empowerment of women.

Director and co-Founder of “Sustainable Development Centre-Remissia.” Research Interests: Global Warming and Climate Change.

M.A. in Gender Studies. Research Interests: Gender, Intersectional Feminism, Queer Theory, Gender in Soviet Union.

Researcher at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography. Research Interests: Gender studies, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Education

Outreach and PR Coordinator at YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies.

Director of Yerevan State University Center for Gender Studies and Associate Professor at YSU Department of Applied Sociology, Co-founder of Women’s Resource Center NGO.

Executive Director, "Green Alternative". Research Interests: environment, public participation in decision making, access to information, access to justice in environmental matters.

Head of NGO “Civic Initiative”; Founder of “Initiative Group of Tsnoi”; PR manager at “Badagi”

Head Executive of the NGO “Cooperation for Peace and Progress”. Research Interests: Nationalism, identity issues, religion as a marker of identity.

Co-founder/editor at website middleorient.com. Research Interests: Medieval Islamic political thought, Mytho-political aspects of Islam, Contemporary Islamic movements and trends.

Journalist at the Radio Liberty. Working Topics:  Women’s rights, feminism, LGBTI community, internal politics, healthcare, education, internally displaced people, literature.

President of the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory, Artistic Director of the “Art Commune” International Artist-in-Residence Program.

Head of ProMedia-Gender NGO, Editor-in-chief of the WomenNet.am. Research Interests: gender journalism, women’s political  participation, women in decision making,  woman’s image in media.  

Research Fellow, YSU Center for Civilization and Cultural Studies. Research Interests: Gender and Culture, gender stereotypes in modern Armenian society, Gender and Islam.

Chairperson of NGO “Partnership for Human Rights”. Research Interests: Gender equality and women’s rights, child rights and rights of people with disability.

Projects Coordinator at RCDA. Research Interests: Environment protection, climate change, renewable energy, agriculture, gender.

M.A. in Political Science. Research Interests: Civil Society, grass root community initiatives, women and feminist movements, environmental protection.

Chairperson of the Central Election Commission of Georgia. Work topics: Electoral systems, electoral law, democracy and governance, political rights, women’s political participation.

Head of Gender Equality Department at Public Defender’s Office of Georgia. Research Interests: Gender based violence, Domestic violence, Women’s labor rights, Early Marriages.

Executive Director, International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED). Research Interests: Electoral systems, Women rights, Transparency and Anti corruption issues.

Professor at Ilia State University. Research Interests: media and political systems, media and civic sphere, political communication.

Civil and political rights program director at EMC. Research Interests: Philosophy of law, human rights law.

Executive Director at Society Without Violence NGO, Armenia. Research Interests: gender and education, LGBT rights, gender based and domestic violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

President of PINK Armenia NGO. Research Interests: Human Rights, Human Rights of minorities, Sexuality and Gender.

Education: BA in Women and Gender Studies from CUNY Hunter College, MA in Peace and Conflict Research from Uppsala University. Research Interests: Women, gender, masculinity, violence, peace.

Social Rights Program director, Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC). Research Interests: Human rights, social rights, equality, marginalized groups.

Reporter at “Radio Liberty”; advisory board member of Radio and Television of Ajara. Research Interests: Human rights, gender, social issues.

Editor in chief of newspaper “Batumelebi”. Working topics: Human rights.

Education: Counseling psychology, psychological anthropology. Research Interests: Social and historical dimension in constructing Self, Cultural vectors of personhood formation.

Master of Political Science. Research Interests: Women’s political participation, women rights, political polling, political party building, corporate social responsibility.

Position: Chairwoman of the Board, organization Women For Regional  Development. Topics: Domestic violence, gender equality, women's political participation.

Director at Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group. Research Interests: Gender, feminism, LGBT issues.

Director of SCO Union “Sapari”. Research Interests: antidiscrimination law, women’s human rights, minority law, international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, non-for-profit law.

Associate Professor (Ilia State University,  School of Law). Research Interests: Human rights, democracy, elections, transparence.

PHD degree in physics and mathematics. Research Interests: Georgia’s democratic transition, foreign and security policy.

Journalist, program director at radio “Old Town”. Working topics: Issues of women’s, children, socially vulnerable, people with disabilities.

Executive Director at the Women’s Fund in Georgia. Research Interests: Women’s rights and gender justice; Supporting women’s movement, feminist activism and WHRDs; Feminist philanthropy.

Co-founder of GRASS. Research Interests: Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Conflict, minority issues.

Professor of Law, LL.M. Research Interests: Corporate Law, Telecommunications Law, Environmental Protection Law.

Trainer and consultant in the sphere of community development, planning of the development of the municipal culture.


Professor (Social & Management & Business Administration Department – Sh.Rustaveli Georgian State University Theater & Film). Research Interests: Culture and art management, culture policy, art marketing and museum management

Producer, Filmmaker, Founder of Sakdoc Film. Research Iinterests: Spaces and people in them

PhD in Neuroscience, Coordinator of Erasmus+ National Office. Research Interests: Education Policy, Tertiary Education, Quality Assurance, Internationalization of Education.

Maia Tsiramua

Psychologist. Research Interests:  Juvenile justice; prevention of anti-social behavior of adolescents; psycho trauma in children; violence against children and adolescents; children's rights.

Liana Jaqeli

Documentary filmdirector, Chair of the union “StudioMobile – Accent on Action”. Research Interests: Human Rights.

CEE Bankwatch Coordinator for ENP countries. Research Interests:  Sustainable energy and Climate Change issues, International Financial institutions safeguards policyand  redress mechanisms, environment and human rights.

Director at the Center for Training and Consultancy. Work Interests: Cooperation between civil and business sectors, development of philanthropy, education policy and non-formal adult education.

Education: MPhil in Gender Studies, MA in Media Studies. Research Interests: Media Studies, Feminist History and Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Theories of Globalization, Subcultural Studies, Masculinity Studies.

Education: PhD in Political Science. Position: Director of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research Development.

Education: Lawyer. Research Interests: Human Rights

Lawyer, Master of Business Administration. Position: Personal Data Protection Inspector.

Theologian/Philologist. Position: Bishop of the Evangelical-Baptist Church of Georgia.

Psychologists/Occupational therapist. Research Interests: Rights of women with disability, gender-based violence, gender-based discrimination.

Executive Director at Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG). Research spheres: Women’s rights, gender and sexuality issues, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, representation of sexuality in media, hate speech.

PhD in Psychology. Research interests: family psychology and family relationships, gender-related problems, migration, IDP, deported Muslim Meskhetians, education.

Art Historian. Research Interests: Georgian fine arts of 1900-1920 years, gender-related problems in Georgian arts.   

MA in Arts Criticism. Research interests: gender and culture, LGBT identities, women’s studies

Philosopher. Research interests: Medieval philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion.

Philosopher, women's rights defender. She is the author of researches and articles about the history of gender, women's and feminist problems in Georgian culture.

MA in Gender Studies. Topics: Gender-based violence and domestic violence, Feminization of migration, Modern feminist activism in Georgia.

Theologian. Topics: Women’s issues in post-Soviet space; Orthodox theology; Women in Orthodox Church and theology.

MA in Gender Studies. Topics: History of Georgian feminism, LGBT identities, Masculinity studies.

MA in Gender Studies. Representation of gender in Georgian movies; Motherhood studies.

Philosopher. Research spheres: Philosophy of language, philosophy of science, meta-ethics, feminist theory.

PhD in Art Criticism. Research interest: gender stereotypes in movies.

No more panels without women!

“Women Speakers” is a database of more than 40 biographies of women from the South Caucasus. It aims to make visible knowledge and experience of women, who work in the different spheres of public or civic sector. The qualification and expertise listed here strikingly reminds us that women are still under-represented as speakers at various public events. Fairly enough, the page “Women Speakers” has a very clear message: Women’s voices should be heard! No more panels without women!

To ensure the above mentioned we present women Heinrich Boell Foundation collaborates with. We invite them as experts, speakers or moderators under the frameworks of various projects, among which Public Debates should be pointed out. We strongly support balanced representation of men and women on public events, which is a basic organizational principle of our work.  

We believe that gender democracy should not be seen as a long-term goal, but something, that can be achieved here and now.

Newest Publications

Georgian translation of Nancy Frasers last publication.

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