Pippi Longstocking and Queen of Narnia @FeminStream

When I was a child, there was no internet in Georgia. We did not have tv series or access to comics. For me, books used to be the only way to escape from reality.

By Natia Gvianishvili

Narrative of Sexual Violence in Pop Music @FeminStream

Approximately 20 years ago Tori Amos became the first famous musician who devoted a song to the issue of sexual violence. She told a story of how she became a victim at the age of 21.

By Lili Mamulashvili

Daniella Zalcman and Women's Photography @FeminStream

Daniella Zalcman is a documentary photographer based between London and New York. 

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Female Perspective in the Recent Georgian Movies @FeminStream

The recent success of the Georgian movies is largely connected with female directors.

By Teo Khatiashvili

The Battle That is Not Over @FeminStream /Music/

With nervous and defiant voice, in her track "That Battle is Over" Jenny Hval sings: "Statistics and newspapers tell me that I am unhappy and dying".

By Lili Mamulashvili

Natali Djurberg @FeminStream /Art/

Natalie Djurberg is best known for producing claymation short films, where characters have shocking behaviour and do not leave place for morality.  

By Khatuna Khabuliani

"First Feminist Film from the Soviet Union" @FeminStream /Movies/

Lana Ghoghoberidze's film Some Interviews on Personal Matters shattered the image of Emansipated Soviet Woman.

By Teo Khatiashvili

Chloe liked Olivia @FeminStream /Literature/

"We have already discussed Bechdel test, which states, that if a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man - it is already very good. And if these women love each other - that's even better." 

By Natia Gvianishvili

Louise Bourgeois’ Spider ‘Maman’ @FeminStream /Art/

'I have been to hell and beck, and let me tell you – it was wonderfull.' Podcast (16) about arts (in Georgian):

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Handmaid's Left Hand @FeminStream /Literature/

Fantasy in literature is extremely male dominated, even though Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is considered to be the the first work of the genre.

By Natia Gvianishvili

Witches in Movies @FeminStream

Witches are one of the very popular images, which successfully appeared in movies from the very early period. It represents already established fears about women - fear for their intellect and sexuality.

By Teo Khatiashvili

Complete Cuisine of the Georgian Female Writers

Modern and historical female writers, whose texts must be very interesting for a feminist reader.

By Natia Gvianishvili

Women in the Electronic Music

More and more women appeare in the genre of electronic music.

By Lili Mamulashvili

Natela Grigalashvili and her Photo Essays @FeminStream /Art/

Natela's photos tell about women who are not visible to the society or media and whose biographies are connected to the traditions and oppressing culture. 

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Exchange of Gaze with Chantal Akerman @FeminStream /Movies/

Chantal Akerman's movies are called cinema of gestures, where the female body - shown in the repetitive routine, does not become an erotic fetish (language: Georgian):

By Teo Khatiashvili

Your Body Is a Battleground @FeminStream /Music/

What do female musicians have to day about the partiarchal standards of beauty? I speak about their vision of beauty, their ways to resist consumer culter, which transforms women's bodies into the battleground.  

By Lili Mamulashvili

A Room of One's Own with Yellow Wallpaper @FeminStream /Literature/

Have you ever been interested into the real story of Bertha, a mad woman locked into the room from the novel 'Jane Eyre'? 

By Natia Gvianishvili

Mother of Georgia and its Critique @FeminStream /Art/

Mother of Georgia and its analogues, creatures of socialist realism, represent illustration of women's stereotypical identity in the respective cultures.  

By Khatuna Khabuliani

Catherine Breillat's Cinema of the Body @FeminStream /Movies/

French director Catherine Breillat has been associated with the genre 'Cinema of the Body', where she makes us look differently at the female sexuality. 

By Teo Khatiashvili

How to Recognize Feminist Literature? @FeminStream /Literature/

As Virginia Woolf writes in her Essay 'A room of ones own': 'A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction'.

By Natia Gvianishvili

From Pink Bedrooms to the Feminist Revolution @FeminStream /Music/

From hundreds of once pink, frilly bedrooms comes the young feminist revolution," began an article of 1992 by a famous magazine to describe Riot Grrrlz movement. Podcast language: Georgian.

By Lili Mamulashvili

Do Women Have to be Naked to Get into the Museum? @FeminStream /Art/

Women's bodies and the history of visual arts - radical feminist collective, Gurilla Girls addressed this issue with famous poster.

By Khatuna Khabuliani

God is Dead, Welcome the Goddess - Teo Khatiashvili @FeminStream /Movies/

God is dead - people were alarmed by this news. They had already forgotten earlier death of the Goddess.

FeminStream - Teaser of Teo Khatiashvili's Podcasts

Women in movies are mainly represented from the male perspective. the Cycle of Teo's podcasts starts with symbolic revival of the Goddess.

FeminStream - Audio Podcasts

Feminist audio-podcatss about arts, music, movies and literature. Every Monday, from April 3, 2017.  Language: Georgian

Women in Georgia - Re-learning Gender Equality

The documentary "Women in Georgia: Re-learning Gender Equality", produced by the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, tells historical backgrounds of gender-equality movements in Georgia.


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