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Women's Political UnderRepresentation: a Problem or a Pretence

Discussions about representation crisis in the Georgian Parliament has been increased among advocacy groups during the recent years. I claim, that these discussions lacked normative rethinking of the following: Why should women be represented in the parliament? And what threats does their invisibility imply for the democracy?  

By Nazibrola Beridze-Gabaidze

Letter to My Daughter

"I wish that freedom could be a blank page for you, which you can fill as you wish and write on it, what you desire - fearlessly and freely." Full article is available only in Georgian or could be read in German here.

By Nino Kharatishvili

Unearthing the Gender discourse in Armenia: from Hysteria to Constructive Dialogue

In spite of the efforts invested both by the state, civil society and international community, the reality shows that there is no common understanding of the “gender” and related terms and, what is more, there is overuse and at the same time misunderstanding of those, what leads to deflected discourse on gender equality and (re-)produces misinterpretations and further stereotypes.

By Anna Harutyunyan

Sociology of the Georgian Body

Article explores the new Georgian bodies, which have emerged as a result of the merging of global and local values. Full article is available only in Georgian.

By Giorgi Urchukhishvili

Lesbian Feminism and Separation as Political Resistance

One of the most interesting aspects of lesbian feminism is the idea of separatism, which implies emotional, social, sexual, economic and political separation from men and patriarchal institutions. Article is available in Georgian.

By Natia Gvianishvili

Women and Mass Media

In advertising and magazines, women are usually portrayed as young, slim and with beauty that meets the accepted standards. Women with this kind of appearance are often associated with sex objects.

By Anna Davtyan-Gevorgyan

Ugly "Beauty" Myths

Beauty myths are used against women, Naomi Wolf States. The article is available only in Georgian.

By Eka Imerlishvili

Myths about "Dangers" of Feminism in Armenian Society

The presentation of myths about feminism circulated in the Armenian society should start from the study of stereotypes in countries where feminist approaches have received extensive legal and cultural legitimization.

By Anna Voskanyan

Women and Feminism

Chapter from the Georgian translation of publication "Thirty Years of Bundestag Presence: A Tally of the Greens’ Impact on the Federal Republic of Germany’s Political Life and Public Culture". A. Markovits's and J. Klaver's essay.


We and the National Congress

1917 year, newspaper "Voice of a Georgian Woman", author: Kato Mikeladze.
Kato responds to the National Congress, where she was denied to read her speech.

Where are genius women in arts?

Very often, we hear an assumption, that woman painter/composer/writer cannot be a genius. To what extent is this idea wrong? Maybe, we deal with the history fraud.

By Davit Gabunia


We are pleased to present educational feminist materials, which were created under different projects at our office.  We hope that the scarce literature about feminism in Georgian language will be enriched by these articles and will become more available for the broader public.


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