Cultural essentialism is destructive for feminist agenda. Full esay is available in Georgian.


Article explores the new Georgian bodies, which have emerged as a result of the merging of global and local values. Full article is available only in Georgian.

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Pro-abortion activist argue that fetus is not a life and thus, abortion cannot be a murder. Their opponents claim that - exactly, abortion is a murder.  Such ethical arguments do not consider the contexts in which the questions have been asked. 


While women have been entering job market, it is interesting to observe, if their interests and specific needs have been reflected into the social policies?  Full article is posted only in Georgian.

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Parliamentary elections 2016 has proved that women's participation in politics still has a formal character.



Post-election events have clearly demonstrated the crisis of content and meaning in the Georgian politics.

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Heinrich Boell Foundation Sounth Caucasus Regional Office invites you to participate in a contest for discovering lost herstories. 

Heinrich Böll Foundation is an ECOSOC registered organization and we have the ability to register participants for CSW 60. We are pleased to announce call for participants and kindly ask interested organizations to send their requests.

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