As Virginia Woolf writes in her Essay 'A room of ones own': 'A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction'.


From hundreds of once pink, frilly bedrooms comes the young feminist revolution," began an article of 1992 by a famous magazine to describe Riot Grrrlz movement. Podcast language: Georgian.


Women's bodies and the history of visual arts - radical feminist collective, Gurilla Girls addressed this issue with famous poster.

Feminist Library


While women have been entering job market, it is interesting to observe, if their interests and specific needs have been reflected into the social policies?  Full article is posted only in Georgian.


As the results of the 2012 elections show, on average in party lists women stood at 23%, however, in the end when in the parliament their overall share amounted to only 10.7% (now down to 10%). This fact already shows the ineffectiveness of the applied gender quota. 

Women's Museum


1905-53 / Sculptor, painter. While studying at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, young Tamar attracted the attention of Iakob Nikoladze, who invited her to his studio to learn sculpture.


1838-1919 / Poet, actress. Nino had a difficult and tragic youth. In the 1860s Nino's poems were published in many journals: Tsiskari, Droeba, Iveria, Kvali, Teatri, Teatri da Tskhovreba, Sakhalkho Gazeti, Tsnobis Purtseli, Nakaduli and Jejili.

Women Speakers

Doctor of Philosophy in History, CEU, Budapest.

Host of the morning program at the Radio Liberty. Research Interests: New media, human rights, moder visual art, urban culture and subcultures.   



Maybe, intitutionalized image of mother is a tool to maintain control over women? Maybe, motherhood is not the instinct of every woman? And on the other hand, maybe fact and process of motherhood is more empowering for women than it is considered by the patriarchal rights and obligations? 


In the Georgian literature, female characters are mainly burdened with symbolic meanings while representing mothers, seducers, muses or victims, sometimes even referring to oppressed Georgia.  Revaz Inanishvili's work is very exceptional and introduces very different female characters.  

Feminism and Gender Democracy

Welcome to Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus's new, feminist web-site!  This new platform will be exclusively dedicated to our gender democracy projects.

Gender democracy is one of the basic principles of Heinrich Boell Foundation. The concept postulates equal rights, opportunities and access to resourses for all members of society. Development of events in the region demonstrates that human rights, especially minority rights, are not guaranteed in the countries. Accordingly, HBF actively supports projects which promote gender democracy. Our gender component covers educational programs, discussions, gender researches and other public activity, which contribute to democratization of the region.

We proudly present the materials, which have been collected during our work in South Caucasus region and which will be constantly updated.

50 Women Fight for Change: Story That Still Continues

Film: Who is afraid of feminism? English subtitles

Documentary movie - "Who is afraid of feminism in Georgia?" was filmed during the feminist lecture series, which were organized in Ozurgeti and Kutaisi (cities in the west Georgia) during Autumn 2013. Film Language: Georgian with English subtitles. Director: Ia Barateli

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Public space is not gender neutral. This statement might sound provocative, but if we ask who we see most in the public space and whose interests and comfort it is tailored to, we will discover that the public space to this day remains the domain of young and healthy men of the right religious confession and sexual orientation. Women have fought and won the right to physically occupy the public space, but in the Georgian context this space is not gender sensitive or fitted to women's needs and safety concerns.