Women's Voices from the Regions

Very often, I meet women who face one and same same problem during many years: invisibility of domestic labor, responsibility to raise children, disputes with husbands and family members, or - doing all of these alone. 

By Keti Berdzenishvili

Feminist Library

Women's Political UnderRepresentation: a Problem or a Pretence

Discussions about representation crisis in the Georgian Parliament has been increased among advocacy groups during the recent years. I claim, that these discussions lacked normative rethinking of the following: Why should women be represented in the parliament? And what threats does their invisibility imply for the democracy?  

By Nazibrola Beridze-Gabaidze

Women's Museum

Aneta Dadeshkeliani

1872-1922 / Poet / Philanthropist. Aneta Dadeshkeliani wrote poems and published them in the contemporary press. She was in involved in the work of the Society for the Spreading of Literacy among Georgians and took part in their activities. 

By Rozeta Gujejiani, Ketevan Khutsishvili

Julia Mlokosevich

1838-19?? / Biologist. Julia was born in Lagodekhi, Georgia in 1872,  in the family of famous naturalist Ludvig Mlokosevich. She has contributed to establish the Lagodekhi reserved territories. 

By Eva Lomtadze

Women Speakers

Eva Lomtadze

Member of the Council of the Lagodekhi Municipality. Eva has contributed to the development and activity of non-governmental sector in Lagodekhi. 

Ketevan Khutsishvili

Doctor of Historical Sciences.  Research interests: Ethno-cultural processes in the Caucasus, religious issues, conflicts and IDP studies, urban and economic anthropology.


Other Butterflies in the Stomach

Once, in the kindergarten, a girl proudly announced that she had blood "right there". Probably, she heard something like that at home, but I was trully impressed. On the other day, I showed up with bandage on my left hand.  

By Guram Matskhonashvili

Feminism and Gender Democracy

Welcome to Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus's new, feminist web-site!  This new platform will be exclusively dedicated to our gender democracy projects.

Gender democracy is one of the basic principles of Heinrich Boell Foundation. The concept postulates equal rights, opportunities and access to resourses for all members of society. Development of events in the region demonstrates that human rights, especially minority rights, are not guaranteed in the countries. Accordingly, HBF actively supports projects which promote gender democracy. Our gender component covers educational programs, discussions, gender researches and other public activity, which contribute to democratization of the region.

We proudly present the materials, which have been collected during our work in South Caucasus region and which will be constantly updated.

50 Women Fight for Change: Story That Still Continues

Film: Who is afraid of feminism? English subtitles

Documentary movie - "Who is afraid of feminism in Georgia?" was filmed during the feminist lecture series, which were organized in Ozurgeti and Kutaisi (cities in the west Georgia) during Autumn 2013. Film Language: Georgian with English subtitles. Director: Ia Barateli

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