Anahit Hayrapetyan

Co-Founder of Documentary Photography Center 4Plus.org. Research Interests: Social Issues, Human right stories.

Gvantsa Khonelidze

MA student of public law and policy. Co-founder of the feminist group “Womens Gaze”.

Open call / Feminism of My Own / Իմ ֆեմինիզմը

The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation announces an open call for short blog-posts from Armenia. Selected posts will be uploaded on www.feminism-boell.org under the section: “Who is not afraid of Feminism?”/Հայնրիխ Բյոլ հիմնադրամի Հարավային Կովկասի գրասենյակը Հայաստանում ընձեռում է բլոգային կարճ գրառումների հնարավորություն www.feminism-boell.org կայքում «Ո՞վ չի վախենում ֆեմինիզմից» սյունյակի ներքո: 

Feminist Library

Co-optation of feminism: Gender, Militarism and the UNSC Resolution 1325

Reflecting on antimilitarist feminist debates, I focus on how gender security discourses within the United Nations (UN) ‘do’ the process of ‘war’. Particularly, I argue in this essay that the UNSCR 1325 was developed through gendered discourses that allowed the use of the Resolution for militarist purposes. 

By Anna Nikoghosyan

Experiences of protracted displacement in narratives of Internally Displaced women from Abkhazia

Based on life history interviews with internally displaced women, my goal is to understand how displaced women remember, revisit and construct their past prior to the armed conflict and in relation to their present circumstances, how they experienced and describe violent events and the aftermath, how they reflect on and make sense of their lives in protracted displacement up to the present time.

By Nargiza Arjevanidze

Women's Museum

Tamar Abakelia

1905-53 / Sculptor, painter. While studying at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, young Tamar attracted the attention of Iakob Nikoladze, who invited her to his studio to learn sculpture.

By Tamta Melashvili

Nino Abashidze-Orbeliani

1838-1919 / Poet, actress. Nino had a difficult and tragic youth. In the 1860s Nino's poems were published in many journals: Tsiskari, Droeba, Iveria, Kvali, Teatri, Teatri da Tskhovreba, Sakhalkho Gazeti, Tsnobis Purtseli, Nakaduli and Jejili.

By Lela Gaprindashvili

Women Speakers

Sopiko Japaridze

Co-founder of Solidarity Network – Workers’ Center and Invisible Labor. Research Interests: labor, women’s labor, political economy, development, social movements, activism, Soviet and leftist international history.

Maia Tabidze

MA in Gender Studies, Tbilisi State University. Research Interests: Sexuality Politics, Labor, Lesbian Feminism, Women's History.


Who is a Feminist Mother?

When we become mothers ourselves, only than we start to understand our mothers and possibly, rethink attitudes towards her. As a mother of daughter, only after her birth I started realizing that a feminist consciousness will not save us from becoming an allie to the Patriarchy.   

By Tamta Tatarashvili

Feminism and Gender Democracy

Welcome to Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus's new, feminist web-site!  This new platform will be exclusively dedicated to our gender democracy projects.

Gender democracy is one of the basic principles of Heinrich Boell Foundation. The concept postulates equal rights, opportunities and access to resourses for all members of society. Development of events in the region demonstrates that human rights, especially minority rights, are not guaranteed in the countries. Accordingly, HBF actively supports projects which promote gender democracy. Our gender component covers educational programs, discussions, gender researches and other public activity, which contribute to democratization of the region.

We proudly present the materials, which have been collected during our work in South Caucasus region and which will be constantly updated.

50 Women Fight for Change: Story That Still Continues

Film: Who is afraid of feminism? English subtitles

Documentary movie - "Who is afraid of feminism in Georgia?" was filmed during the feminist lecture series, which were organized in Ozurgeti and Kutaisi (cities in the west Georgia) during Autumn 2013. Film Language: Georgian with English subtitles. Director: Ia Barateli

Newest Publications